Tai Cruise named Top Agent for Premier Group Insurance for January

Premier Group Insurance has announced that Tai Cruise has been named the Top Agent of the Month award at the insurance brokerage firm for January of 2022.

Tai loves helping people with their insurance needs and helping them find solutions. He specializes in personal and small business commercial insurance.

He became a licensed insurance agent in 2001. He is licensed to sell life insurance, as well. Cruise has been with Premier Group Insurance for 14 years. (He left the company to help open insurance agencies for Allstate Insurance for seven years.) Originally from Lowell, he lives in Hebron with his wife and three children. 

As an insurance brokerage company, Premier Group Insurance represents the interests of the buyer in searching for the best insurance coverage at the lowest cost.  Agents compare rates from AAA, Allstate, Berkshire Hathaway, Nationwide, Progressive, SafeCo, Traveler’s and other carriers for clients.

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